Gmail gets a makeover

If you’ve been using Google+, you already know that the black bar now found at the top of most Google properties is designed to draw you back into the social service, whether by enticing you to go back to the Stream page or simply via clean notifications that you can interact with, in place. Those of you not using + are probably wondering what the heck that bar is all about.

Well, it isn’t just the presence of Plus that’s responsible for changes in the Google landscape; it’s the desire for simplicity, aesthetics, and a uniform appeal across multiple Google services. And the next one in line for a streamline is Gmail. The Gmail Blog features a post today that showcases two new themes for the web client, currently entitled “Preview” and Preview (Dense).” They can already be found in your Gmail settings under themes. Activate one, and you’ll find a familiar layout that feels cleaner. SImpler. And not too far removed from Google+.

Google has a reworking of Calendar underway at the moment, which will automatically take effect in the coming days. Those of you that like the look and feel of Google+ are in for a nice treat. It turns out that Google’s new social property is just the first to feature Google’s new look.

Via the Gmail Blog

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