Google Chrome 12 stable released

Chrome users will be happy to know that there’s a good chance their browser has already been automatically updated to the newest stable version of the Google Chrome web-browser, Chrome 12, bringing with it a lump of new features to keep you more secure, and enhance your browsing experience.

On the security front, Chrome will now scan any downloaded files –all without needing to know which URLs you’ve visited, or which files you’ve downloaded– for malware.

Graphically, Chrome now supports hardware-accelerated 3D CSS for video scaling and 3D rotation (get a taste of the action here).

Last but not least, you can finally manage Flash Player’s Local Shared Objects, or Flash’s cookies, from Chrome — something that previously had to be managed from Adobe’s website. If you’ve never tried deleting Flash’s LSO, once you do your browser will feel like it’s on speed.

There are a few other UI changes made for better usability that include being able to search web-apps from the Omni-bar, but for the most part that’s it. To download the latest version of Google Chrome, hit up If you’re already using Chrome, simply click the tools icon, and navigate to About Google Chrome.

Via Mashable

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