Google details search by voice, search by image, and instant pages

In an event held by Google today, June 14th, some major innovations in web-based searching have been announced as coming soon products. Google is always looking to make searching faster and more fluid, and in an attempt to do so, the company will be rolling out voice searching from your desktop, a search by image function, and instant pages.

When it comes to figuring out what consumers want, nothing speaks like raw data — and consumers like to use their voice. According to the Big G, not only has mobile web-searches gone up five-fold in the past two years, but “in the past year alone, Voice Search traffic has grown six-fold, and every single day people speak more than two years worth of voice to [Google's] system.” If voice searches have grown this much on mobile devices, there’s plenty of reason behind the thinking that they could be huge on any device. That’s why Google will be placing a microphone in the search bar at where you can simply press and talk for your search results. For bad speelers like myself, this could save a lot of time, as well as add a human element to the robotic act of searching up information online. As far as availability goes, Google is rolling out web-based voice search to Chrome users now.

Of course, as nice as voice search is, sometimes we don’t always search with our words. Sometimes, we use our eyes. Used as a great example for Google’s new search by image function; let’s say you took some family photos at a national park, but can’t remember the certain mountain path you walked. Searching for “mountain path” won’t do you much good, but uploading a picture, dragging and dropping one into the search bar, or right-clicking and selecting “Search Google with this image” might. If Google recognizes a certain landmark on the mountain path, the location would returned in your search results, giving you the exact information you were looking for. This is handy for finding out information on products, works or art, or unknown creepy crawlies found under your basement stairs. Search by image is also making its way online soon, with a Chrome and Firefox extension coming out to enable right-click image searching as well.

Last but not least in Google’s Inside Search trifecta, is instant pages. I’m sure by now everyone is familiar with Google instant search. You simply start typing, and Google works to instantly display results that are relevant to your search. Well instant search may have shaved off some valuable time from the search process, but what about once the search is done? That’s where instant pages comes in. Google will soon be using a new system to prerender pages that Chrome deems the most relevant to your search. As this feature is a relatively new technology, you’ll have to download the latest Chrome beta, or developers version, to try it out. Be sure to watch the video below for a demo.

For more information on any of Google’s new search products, visit Google Inside Search now.

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