Google’s Les Paul Doodle tribute goes viral

If you’ve been online at all today, which chances are you have since you’re reading this, then you’ve probably caught wind of the latest Google Doodle on that features a playable, and recordable, guitar as a tribute to Les Paul. Personally, I thought the idea was pretty novel, gave it a few strums, and carried on with my business. Apparently, the Internet sees it differently.

Google’s Doodle has official gone viral, with recordings and videos of the songs people are making finding their way everywhere online. Now that #googledoodle is trending on Twitter, Mashable has gather a list of cool songs made with the Doodle including everything from Sigur Ros, to Lady Gaga:

1. Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” is at the top of the heap, and not just because it’s Gaga. It’s a great rendition of a complicated song done by Leila Dossetto-Becker.

2. The Beatles’s “Hey Jude,” performed by Rosales.

3. Wanderchick brings us “Ode to Joy” in two parts: one and two. Serious skills!

4. Proving our point about this being a procrastination engine, Leslitab and her coworker figured out how to play “Oh Suzanna!”

5. Refilljuarez was nostalgic for the last decade, so the band played “Adam’s Song” by Blink 182.

6. Cole Johnson tackles Sigur Ros’s “Takk Hoppipolla.”

7. The opening to The Beatles’s “Here Comes the Sun,” played beautifully by myurow.

As great as these seven tunes are, this is only the very beginning. Search Twitter and see what you can come up with; you’re guaranteed to find some great stuff. If you’re looking to get down yourself, head on over to this tutorial page hosted by Twittarr Pirate and share a link in the comments below. We look forward to listening!

Via Mashable

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