HTC announces OpenSense program at

Today, June 2nd, HTC has announced a new website that will be hosting some interesting tools (sometime in the future) aimed at helping developers feel right at home with Sense UI. The website is, and the tools will be available in the HTCdev Developer Center as the OpenSense SDK.

From HTCdev:

The HTC OpenSense SDK will allow developers to harness software and hardware innovations on HTC phones to develop more deeply integrated mobile apps and experiences. Altogether, you’ll have access to documentation, sample code, APIs and more importantly, the support and inspiration of the HTCdev community.

If you think this is a bold move from HTC, you certainly wouldn’t be off base. There’s no word on just how open OpenSense will turn out, but it’s a good move in the right direction — especially for devs looking to integrate their apps into the long praised Sense UI.

Developers have always done great things with Sense as a closed system, so once they’ve received access to all of the overlay’s inner-workings, including tablet pen and 3D display APIs, expect to see some great things. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the status of HTCdev as things continue to evolve.

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