HTC lets you Goggle their ads for a more immersive experience

Way back in November of 2010, Google announced a new partnership with five major companies that would be adding Google Goggles enabled content to advertisements. As brilliant as the idea was, the concept never really seemed to take off. Sure, you could find a Google Goggles enabled ad tucked inside a magazine every now and then, but Google’s interactive advertisements never turned out to be the big movement the company was hoping for. Fortunately, not everyone has given up on Google Goggles, and for good cause too. Android ownership is still on the rise, which means now more than ever, Google Goggles is finding its way into smartphones everywhere. HTC has just released a new ad campaign that will try to take advantage of that.

Whether it’s on television, in a magazine, or at a bus stop, HTC has placed Google Goggles enabled content everywhere. There’s several different kinds of content you can be linked to by scanning the ads, including video downloads and access to custom content on Funny or Die.

I’ve seen one of the Gogglefied ads on TV, and I can say that in my opinion, it just doesn’t work. Print ads, wherever they may land, make sense since users are given a moment to read the ad, ready Google Goggles, and snap a pic. By the time I noticed the Googles icon on TV, it was already too late to do anything.

When questioned on the success of these campaigns by Mashable, Michael Singer, director of mobile ads for the Americas at Google, said that feedback was still being analyzed. What do you think of any Google Goggles enabled advertisements you’ve seen? Keep it up, or let it go?

Via Mashable

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