India’s ultra-cheap Android tablet finally becoming a reality

I never thought we’d ever talk about this old thing again, yet here we are. A long time ago, and by long time I mean 2009, a laptop was in the works that would be government subsidized in India, making the final cost of the product around $10. It was a prject undertaken to get mobile technology in the hands of as many bright minds as possible.

After some delays, a new government subsidized Android tablet from the folks at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore surfaced online, this time with a $35 price-tag, and a demo video to go along with it. Of course the specs on a $35 tablet in mid-summer 2010 were nothing too major, but a piece of Android for that low, well it’s still an accomplishment.

Unfortunately, that too was delayed until today, when according to the Times of India, the Sakshat tablet is in production, and will ship to the Indian Institute of Technology by the end of the month for just 2,200 rupees each. For those of you more comfortable with the US dollar, that’s around 50 of ‘em. After the government subsidizes the tablet, however, the final cost is expected to land around $25.

Final specs and performance have yet to be fully disclosed, but you can’t expect much for an Android tablet under $30. Cold-hard specs aside, the point of the program, to extend the reach of technology and the Internet, is finally being lived out, and it’s all thanks to open-source and the little Green Guy we call Andy.

Via Engadget

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