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At Google I/O 2011, The Big G requested ideas for the next generation of Google TV from developers. Outside of the title, “Fishtank,” which covers the title of the development program and functions as at least a preliminary moniker for the product itself, little information was given. Though, we do know that the system will run Honeycomb.

Now, has learned that the program has begun, though less than 50 developers are currently involved. Apparently, those who submitted ideas that supplemented live television are being favored. Coders who said they wanted to, for example, display information culled from the Internet about a show while people watch were given first priority. But, this functionality is not available at the API level, requiring employment of overlays or a change of focus on other apps.

The physical test product being sent out is an Intel CE4100 reference platform with Google TV 2.0 beta running Android 3.1. The same Logitech keyboard that came bundled with their Google TV product, Revue, is included with Fishtank.

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