Motorola: Third-party apps aren’t killing your phone, sorry devs

On June 3rd, CEO of Motorola Mobility, Sanjay Jha, was quoted as saying,

Android is really truly multitask so you can run 64 parallel apps at the same time. That has an impact on consumer experience and we’re beginning to understand it and understand why 70% plus of devices that come back are because they’re downloading third party applications and the impact that that has on the performance of the device.

In summary: third-party apps are why people return their phone. It’s a risky statement, especially from the minds behind MotoBlur, but there is a lot of truth to it. Apparently, however, not enough truth to let it stand.

A new statement from Motorola has been released to clarify the message behind Jha’s statement on third-party apps. According to the new statement from Becki Leonard, a Motorola spokeswoman,

He did not state that 70% of smartphone returns was due to third-party applications, but that examples of potential contributing factors are battery life, sluggish operation and third-party applications.

Which was later changed to,

We’re trying to clear up that was not the point he was trying to make,

since the original quote singling out third-party developers was recorded here.

As I said about one paragraph ago, I believe there is a healthy amount of truth to Jha’s previous statement. Apps simply aren’t filtered for quality on Android, and as such can cause some major headaches. For the most part, Google has systems in place for dealing with malicious apps, but they simply cannot catch everything. As Google matures, things are sure to change. Maybe Google will eventually work on filtering out some of the more devastating apps. Using a system like Motorola has proposed, by tracking third party app performance, Google could easily release a ranking system on the performance of apps. Some would argue that a system like that harms your privacy, so it’s something that the big G would certainly have to be traded lightly around.

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