MOVL creates apps that integrate Google TV and your mobile

Google TV established its creator as a major player in the growing realm of TV/web convergence, but, outside of remote control and media sharing, there hasn’t been a lot of interaction between our Android phones and Google TV. App developer MOVL is changing that with two applications: and The implication of the poker game is pretty obvious: the game table is displayed on the large screen, and each player’s hand shows on their mobile. Obvious, but definitely cool, not to mention needed in order for Google to gain traction against Apple in the multi-screen local gameplay arena. Players can even pass cards from phone to phone via smooth animations. is already available and is featured in Google Spotlight and plays a bit like Pictionary. Both games are designed for groups of friends, and hopefully, will have you and your family, band, whatever, gathered around the boob tube in an active state of enjoyment.

Via the Google TV Blog

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