Mysterious T-Mobile bound LG makes its way into the wild

Over the past few years, some manufacturers have not been shy in experimenting with different form-factors Android is capable of powering. From HTC’s quirky hinges, to Kyocera’s dual-screen Echo, Android has long been praised, and filleted, for its flexibility. Today, June 16th, it looks like yet another manufacturer is going to try their hand a creating a unique device with Android underneath. At a Kiento Wireless, famed in the US thanks to a partnership with T-Mobile for Smart WiFi functionality, held in the UK, several US only smartphones were on display, including one that featured a new take on dual-screens:

As you can see, the unnamed LG device above features not only a full touch-screen for all of your normal mobile computing chores, but there’s also a secondary touch-screen tucked between two halves of a QWERTY keyboard when the device is slid open. According to Pocket Lint, the secondary screen is made to house eight shortcuts for quick multitasking. Other than the secondary screen, and T-Mobile US branding, the device wasn’t much of a looker. There’s no telling if this is some sort of final hardware that will actually land on T-Mobile’s shelves, or if it’s just a proof-of-concept.

When questioned on the device, the representative overseeing it just mentioned the name Flip II and nothing more. The LG Flip II is a name we’ve heard tied to a T-Mobile US release before, but let’s not forget the other names out there as well: the LG Optimus Slide, and Maxx Q (Q for QWERTY). Whatever this mystery device finally lands as, we’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for it.

Via Pocket Lint

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