Nook Simple Touch unboxing

Barnes & Noble’s NOOK Simple Touch is the third incarnation in the franchise and drops the slim color nav panel of the original NOOK in favor of an all touch-controlled, 6-inch, Pearl e-ink display at 800 X 600. The contrast of the screen is great, and it is pretty sensitive. The Simple Touch isn’t as responsive as a smartphone, and the display isn’t even comparable to that of the NOOKcolor, but in the world of e-ink displays, the Touch is quite impressive.

Gone are the options for 3G and the audio jack; this e-reader is all about your content. With bookmark syncing across devices, sharing, periodical subscriptions, pre-ordering of books, access to over 2 million titles, and a light body that feels absolutely great in the hand, this $139 e-reader should be at the top of your shopping list if you’re in the market. At least that’s my opinion after a few hours of use. We will have a full review before long.

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