Poll: Do you hack your Android phones?

It seems like a lot of DroidDog readers and viewers are fans of Android primarily as a platform for hacking. And why this is the case is no big mystery. Hackers have repeatedly released coming features (and versions of Android) long before Google, OEMs, and carriers could; provided functionality that would otherwise be altogether unavailable; implemented themes and other customizations that often improve the polish and appeal for certain devices; and unlocked access to areas of the system, allowing for greater control.

Some ROM cookers and teams see greater anticipation for their updates than the software developers who work for phone manufacturers. Applications created by ROM creators sit at the top of the Android Market charts in certain categories. Social discussions, search results, and ROM site traffic are all indicators that modifying Android is a hugely popular endeavor. So, I’d like to know, what are you running on your phone? Did you just flash the latest CyanogenMod? Have you rooted your device for specific app functionality but stuck with the gadget’s original software? Do you stay away from that kind of tinkering altogether?

Let us know in the poll below, and if you’re running a cooked ROM–or even if not–leave a comment at the bottom of the page with more information. I’m sure other readers are just as curious as I am: what makes your phone tick?

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