Postagram now available for Android

As human beings, we have a tendency to try and take what would normally be lifeless data on a plastic, glass, and metal machine, and turn it into something sentimental. Whether it’s the wallpapers we use, the custom notification sounds set up for when someone important calls, or the photos we take, we all put a little piece of ourself into them. Postagram, available on Android for the first time today, aims to take that data, and bring something into the real world.

Sitting quietly in the Android Market now for free, Postagram is a genius app that can take any picture you already have on your device, any picture you take, or any picture on Facebook, and turn it into a postcard to send to, well, whoever you like. Postagram has long been available on iOS, but June 9th marks the apps first appearance on Android. Here’s how the app works.

Let’s say your out on vacation, sitting on a beach, and you want to put a little extra into sharing a photo with a loved one at home. Yes, you could just send a picture-message with “thinking of you!” attached to it, but why not send them an actual real honest-to-goodness postcard in true Americana fashion? Simply snap a pic you like, from inside Postagram or not, either works, select which squared off portion of the photo you’d like to use, add an avatar, or don’t, add a personalized 140 character message (you should be good with that amount of characters these days), and use your email address to sign in. After that (you may have to make an account with your address), you can add any address to which your postcard will be sent to, and for just $0.99 (your first one is free), your postcard will be delivered in two to five days.

Postagram always uses super thick paper with 300-dpi prints, and the photos can be popped out of the postcard for a 3″x3″ keepsake. If you’d like to give Postagram a shot, which I very highly recommend you do, then head on over to the Android Market via the link below. Let us know how you like it.

Postagram Market Link

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