Samsung Galaxy S II slated to hit Verizon in July [Update]


This is my next is reporting that the original statement was supposed to say that the LTE-enabled Galaxy Tab 10.1 is the device coming out in July. Great news, but those of you who are waiting for the Galaxy S II will have to wait a little longer.

Of all the Android devices coming out in the US in the next six months (that we know about), the Samsung Galaxy S II is the most anticipated. Whenever the GSII makes a public appearance, it’s the start of the show; reviews have been nothing but praise; and world-wide sales have been phenomenal. So when can we expect to see the Galaxy S II finally hit the US? Well AT&T (Attain), Sprint (Within), and T-Mobile have all been silent when it comes to release windows. Verizon, however, has just spilled the beans that July will be the magical month.

While no exact release date has been revealed, ComputerWorld has word that next month Verizon will be adding the Samsung Galaxy S II Function to their lineup of top-tier devices:

A Verizon spokeswoman said via email that the device is expected to go on sale by the carrier in July, but added that there’s “no date just yet.”

As all three of the Galaxy S II US variants we know about are rumored to maintain the same physical body, and going by the same release schedule of the original Galaxy S, we should see Sprint and AT&T’s Galaxy S II variants hit retail shelves around July as well. T-Mobile’s Galaxy S II has yet to make any appearance in any shape or form.

Via ComputerWorld

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