Samsung proves they do care about the hacking community, hands out Galaxy S II to CyanogenMod dev

After the amount of noise that was made by Motorola and HTC users about locked bootloaders, Samsung actually listened. They listened so well, in fact, that they have given a CyanogenMod developer a Galaxy S II to begin working on getting the ever popular ROM onto the device.

This kind of thing doesn’t happen everyday, but it’s starting to become common place. T-Mobile has given away devices to developers to promote compatibility before, so Samsung is merely jumping on a hacker-supporting bandwagon that’s slowly but surely growing in popularity. Of course an unlocked bootloader or the knowledge that a phone is in the hands of a CyanogenMod developer won’t exactly make units fly off shelves, but it does generate positive attention and keeps the Android community happy.

Does knowing Samsung gave away a Galaxy S II to get CM up and rolling entice you to buy? Let us know in the comments below.

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