Smartphone Screens: Is there a Perfect Size? [Video]

With the massive variety between mobile devices on the market, an interesting separation has emerged between mobile screen sizes. We’ve seen everything from the Droid Pro and the HP Veer with miniscule, yet manageable screens all the way through the massive 4.5″ Samsung Infuse 4G. Logic says there has to be a sweet spot someplace in the middle – But is this universal? Can a smartphone screen size standard be agreed upon?

Another factor when considering smartphone sizes is pocketability. The Droid Pro has a small form factor, small display, small keyboard and small footprint. The EVO 4G, Dell Streak and others are quite the contrary – Some border even ridiculous when holding them up to your hear.

Devices arrive on carriers every week, it seems, with new display technologies, resolutions and sizes. While there doesn’t seem to be a commonly adopted market standard, certain display sizes have grown more popular than others. What do you think – Is there any turning back once you’ve moved to a larger display? Are we moving in the right direction? Check out our comparison and let your comments run free:

PS – I’d love edge-to-edge 4″ glass on a phone with a smaller footprint. Perhaps Ice Cream Sandwhich may bring us a little bit closer to that dream?

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