Vizio tablet nearing Walmart release

Ah CES. You were only some five months ago, yet in mobile-blogging time, it could have been years. Products come and go from the CES show-floor, sometimes without ever making a peep. Such is the case with electronic manufacturer Vizio’s Android devices. After CES, they seemed to completely fall off the map. Which is a shame considering how well received they were at the time. In a world where Sensations, Droid X2s, and Xooms rule supreme, is there any chance the Vizio tablet or phone could make it? I suppose it’s never too late to try.

In just one day, the Vizio tablet has made a surging comeback. Not only has the device been shown off by the NBA’s Blake Griffen, but accessories and pricing information have made their way into Walmart stores. The accessories, a lowly screen protector, aren’t much to gawk over, but the pricing model isn’t bad. For an 8-inch Vizio tablet with 8GB or storage, you’re looking at spending just $349.99 — a fair price for a device without cellular data. The Vizio tablet does come with wifi, GPS, Google apps, and Vizio Internet Apps Plus-Unified user experience, which makes it a nice competitor to the equally price Samsung Galaxy Tab (yeah, that old thing).

Would your average techie walk into a Walmart looking for dish soap, and walk out with a Vizio tablet? No, but the average consumer looking to upgrade their home entertainment system just might. Look for more release information on the Vizio tablet sometime in the near future.

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