Words With Friends: Android

There aren’t very many multi-player and multi-platform games you can play with your friends on both iOS and Android. Words With Friends is one of those rare apps. It began as an iOS only game and grew immensely in popularity – On May 14th of this year, the developers released their newest version for free in the Android market.

For those of you unfamiliar with the game: It’s basically a cloud version of Scrabble, a once very popular family friendly board game with words. You’re given a panel of 7 random letters and you can make various words on the board over different special squares. Different letters are worth different amounts for playing [So playing an 'X' would get you 10x as many points as playing an 'E'] and certain spaces on the boards serve as multipliers [Like doubling or tripling letters/words].

If you haven’t played before it’s worth checking out! Here’s the video review:

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