Android app: ColorLink

ColorLink is a jewel game in which you swap positions of blocks in order to group together at least four jewels of the same color. Once you get four connecting tiles–no diagonal links–the group of blocks disappears. You get points, and new blocks fall in from the top of the screen. I know, you’ve played this before, right?

What makes ColorLink different is that you can swap tiles that are not right next to each other. And you don’t swap based on color, but on the shape imprinted in the jewel.

Maybe you have a group of three blue blocks next to a yellow circle. There is a blue circle on the other side of the screen. Tap either of the circle pieces you want to swap, then the other. Once four blue blocks are touching each other, electricity passes between them and they disappear. The blocks above shift down, and new blocks appear at the top of the heap. Familiar, yet different, the game is easy to learn.

The clearing of blocks and the shifting that follows can result in chain reactions and other point rackers that we’ve seen in other games. Among the tiles, you’ll find icons that provide special powers. And if you play in bomb mode, there will be colored blocks (without shapes associated–they aren’t swappable) that will blow after a certain number of turns have passed. So you want to get them cleared out as quickly as possible.

There are five modes available. The developer, SillyCube, describes them as follows:

Bomb mode:
Solve the puzzle with the count down of color bomb.

Time mode:
Solve the puzzle within time limit.

Bone mode:
Explode bone at the bottom of the stage.

Collect mode:
Collect specific amount of color blocks before the time runs out.

Endless mode:
Endless puzzle challenge.

Gameplay is essentially the same for each mode, but the mixture of challenges keeps things fresh. The progress/timer bar at the bottom of the screen offers information on level status.

ColorLink is available as a limited freeware app and a $1.50 full version in the Android Market.

Aside from the occasional music loop bug (it’s better with music disabled, anyway), ColorLink is a fun method of killing time.

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