Arkon GN042 gooseneck and sticky pad

If you’re looking for an affordable product for mounting your phone in your car, and need something that will take a beating, Arkon has a product that will fit your needs. We’ve reviewed several of their items, including the durable but cheap MegaGrip car dock. Like most of their docks, including the MegaGrip, the one I’ve been testing for the past week accommodates a wide variety of models via a spring-loaded gripping mechanism. Where the GN042 differs, is in its ultra sturdy gooseneck design.

Both the neck and the cradle of the unit are adjustable–the neck requires a bit of strength to twist and bend, and the cradle’s resistance can be changed. The result is a rock solid neck position and a more easily adjustable angling of your phone. The dock uses Arkon’s standard suction cup with switch to attach to your dash or windshield, and a smooth disc with adhesive on one side is included for those with textured dashboards. I tested in rental cars, so the sticky pad was employed for bedroom use only, but I experienced the same quality that I have from other Arkon docks.

The unit can be had for less than $20 from many online retailers, and for less than $15 from some biggies like Amazon. I still have functional Arkon docks from over a year ago that work just as well now as they did then. Once again, a recommended buy for the quality/cost value.

For a detailed look at the mechanics of the GN042, see the product manual (pdf). Here is Arkon’s product page.

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