Beautiful Android customizations

The ability to swap out primary interface elements and change the way Android’s home screens behave has always been a major draw for Android gadgets, but how many of us fully exploit the nearly endless possibilities? Just about everyone applies new wallpapers, and I think most of the users who read DroidDog have at least tinkered with with deeper tailoring. The number of people that get into icon changes, lock screen enhancements, and full OS theming probably represents a relatively small chunk of the Android demographic.

The shots in this post come from those users who obsess over beauty and usability in their electronic devices. The results of their work are stunning. Most importantly, the repository the shots come from features very few graphic program concepts and loads of actual user screen grabs. The images reveal just how much customization is possible when software OEMs give end users the choices that other companies lock down behind the scenes.

As much as I, and many of you, would love to see this kind of design customization find its way into the default configurations of major handsets, manufacturers are unlikely to shift their focus from the broad, mainstream appeal of simpler, or no, theming. But have no fear: clicking this link to the Android Users Deviant Art Gallery (NSFW: lots of swimsuit models) will provide a thumbnail view of a number of awe-inspiring tweak combinations that you can implement with a little bit of effort. There are nearly 100 pages of them! For most of the images, clicking the thumbnail provides a detail view along with instructions–or at least required software–for achieving similar results. While some alterations require a rooted phone and cooked ROM, others only demand a few apps and some downtime tinkering.

If you think form is as important as function, take a gander. But fair warning: potential timesuck.

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