Borders Ebooks app still available, company liquidating

After forty years in business and a long fight to remain profitable, Borders is going out of business. Every brick and mortar Borders location will begin their going out of business liquidation sale today, offering up to 40% off of some titles with substantial discounts applied to everything else. Borders recently sent out an email to their Rewards members, making the news official and promising to honor their Rewards Plus discounts through 8/5. Borders Bucks will expire on 7/31.

As for Kobo fans, the shop will remain active and the Kobo Ebooks app for Android should be used for future purposes. The Borders Ebooks app, seen below, is still available in the Market, but has been deprecated. And considering the recent alert from Borders that ebooks should be moved to the new platform, as well as the lack of any specific details from HQ about why the old app is still hanging around, it’s likely best to steer clear of the original program, even if it looks the same as Kobo Ebooks with a different logo.

In memoriam:

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