Chromebook demo and giveaway with Jimmy Fallon

Joshua Topolski took a couple of Chromebooks on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon for a demonstration, and while there was a little hiccup in the live sync demonstration of Google Docs the result was cool, nonetheless. Storing data in the cloud has lots of benefits, including the safety of your work if you drop your computer in a fire or run over it with your car. Google has released several commercials extolling this key bullet point. But seeing two Chromebooks next to one another syncing (almost) live makes the concept of disk-free computing that much more compelling.

Not everyone is ready to spill $429 for a new Samsung Series 5 from Amazon on what is, to the general public, something totally new and relatively unknown, so Google Oprah-fied the comedian and tech journalist on Late Night by providing enough free Chromebooks for the entire crowd.

Via The Chrome Source

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