Google announces exclusive URL shortener

If you’ve been wary of clicking shortened URL links, like, .to, and others, because of their use for spam and malicious intent, you’ll like Google’s new shortening service, The service is available only to Google insiders, so if you see that domain in an address posted to a social network, you’ll know that you’re at least visiting something that came from Google official, even if the context is misleading. will link only to Google properties, and we should soon be seing a lot of those letters in blog posts about new Google+ features, other blog posts, and development pages, to name a few examples.

Another benefit, outside of its exclusivity, is that the diminutive base will make sharing URLs by memory much easier, though its not clear if “vanity” addresses will be used in conjunction with automatically generated characters.

Google’s public use shortener, will remain active and available to people outside of the Google fold.

Via Tech Radar

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