Google Labs is phasing out

Google Labs has fostered innovation and experimentation across Google properties for a better part of the last decade. Projects like Sky Map for Android, Google Goggles, Google Groups, and Google Body–not to mention nearly countless feature additions for Gmail, Search, and other products–all have origins in Google Labs.

In a Google Blog post entitled “More wood behind fewer arrows,” Google announced yesterday that Google Labs is shutting down. That is not to say that all of the fruits of Labs will be eliminated. Features that started in Labs that have seen light in the development channels of existing products will reamin and see further development. Projects that have their own apps in the Android Market will remain there. But, there will be a few experiments that will fall by the wayside.

For end users, there shouldn’t be any effective change: new features and refinements will continue to pour out of Google and into our anxious hands, but that Labs link seen in so many products will be leaving us.

Via Google Blog