Google+ updates address bugs, mobile use, friendliness

In addition to the tip/guidance pop-ups that will be hitting Google+ this weekend in order to make the social site more navigable for new users, Google is working steadily behind the scenes to iron out bugs, improve usability and ensure compatibility across mobile devices.

A Streak user from my + Stream was having problems with the mobile app defaulting to the wrong Gmail account, no matter how many times the preferences were set. This morning, he woke up to an update that fixed the problem. Scattered comment bugs, like disappearing and reappearing entries, appear to have been fixed as well. And while the official invite system is continuously going active and then inactive, it’s clear that Google is roping new users in at a high rate. Streams and circles are filling up quickly and enthusiasm seems to be growing accordingly.

Google+ software engineer, Kelly Ellis, posted a video on some of the current developments, including next week’s implementation of share security features that will limit the ability to share private posts. Privacy and control are major themes in Google’s trajectory–two of the top complaints from Facebook users. The non-embedable YouTube video Kelly posted is an example of the privacy offered by Google+.

And here’s another big change: Google is experimenting with the way commented posts are given priority in your Stream. You might not care what a total stranger has to say about the video you watched yesterday, but perhaps a comment by someone in your family Circle warrants a bump. I know a lot of people in my circles will be thrilled with this update and it will mean fewer post mutes.

We are in the early stages of this “project’s” field test, and it’s clear that Google is right on top of the primary concerns users have voiced–a good sign, indeed.

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