Looking for new people to follow on Google+?

I know that a lot of you–ok, most of you–are still wondering when Google will send you that notification email that Google+ is finally ready for you to join, or when, if ever, that invite you’ve already been sent will work. (Don’t feel bad, aside from making sure that big names like Mark Zuckerberg and Kevin Rose are feeling out the new social site, it appears that Google’s decisions on letting people in are based on who’s next on the list when capacity is available–not on any other metric of social popularity.) But for those of you that are in the secret club, socialstatistics.com provides a list of the Plussers with the largest pools of followers. And wouldn’t you know it, they’re providing some interesting and funny posts for the Streams of those who add them.

If your Stream is a carbon copy of your Facebook news feed, or you’re looking for a fresh take on the + experience and details on current or upcoming developments, head on over to the Google+ statistics table to find out who you should be paying attention to.

Remember folks, it’s a field test at this point.

(Idea of embedding this video in the context of a Google+ post courtesy of Reddit.)

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