MKB Reviews: Google+ for Android

Google’s new social network is upon us! Well – Some of us, anyway. Google+ takes a slightly different angle of approach at a social networking site than their previous attempts [Orkut, Wave, Buzz] and is rolling out now via invites to Gmail users. Not only is there a web-based app and a mobile web app; there is now a native Android Google+ App available in the market.

This app is incredibly stable and rock solid for just version 1.0.2. It’s available for Android 2.1 and up, and I even have it working on my CyanogenMod-driven OG Droid. It can only go up from here: Possibly Google Hangouts on devices with front-facing cameras? Maybe some deeper browser integration? We’ll see.

Long story short: This app is fantastic and delivers all the features on the web in a solid, fast package. Once you’re invited – downloading this app is a no-brainer. Highly recommended!

Check our full video review here:

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