NFC support in Google+

WIth Google+ in its early stages, full integration across Google properties and technologies has yet to be realized. But it’s clear that that is what Google is aiming for: communication between various devices, systems, and web apps for the purpose of uniformity across the Google brand and for a more engrossing experience.

The black bar you see on Gmail and across Google search pages provides notifications and convenient links designed to keep you coming back to The Big G for all of your online needs. But what about mobile services, like Places and Maps? The video above demonstrates the use of NFC tags in sharing on Google+. The ability might seem like an impractical concept at the moment, but hopefully, that will change in the coming year.

Maybe you’re at a restaurant that you found via HotPot and want to tell your crew that it would be a great place to have that work meeting next week. Simply scan the Google Places sticker on the door on your way out, and share the location on +. Perhaps there will simply be an address for opening in Maps, or maybe an entire menu could be listed. The possibilities are pretty exciting. Not to mention that the technology could easily be utilized by other NFC-friendly businesses, like a store running a mind-blowing sale on ascots.

Google’s past experiments in the world of social networking have been interesting, but have left much to be desired in terms of usefulness and usability. If Google can socialize the services we already use–or want to be using in the near future–we might find Google+ far more intriguing, if not inescapable.

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Via NFC World by way of Android Community

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