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Reddit mobile

While Redditors wait impatiently for the much delayed update that will eventually take the ultra-sexy Android Reddit app, Baconreader, into the Android Market as free/donation ware, an alternative solution is available: the newly upgraded Reddit mobile site.

The Reddit crew announced via the official Reddit Blog some changes that are now in effect at, including an iOS (or Baconreader) influenced panel for interacting with posts. The panel is much more attractive than the old drop-downs, not to mention easier to use. Other changes include minor aesthetic bling, like subreddit logos and mod icons, and performance enhancements that improve mobile speed.

Reddit mobile has taken a leap forward in user friendliness with this enhancement, but the site is still no match for Chris Arvin’s dedicated Baconreader app (seen below) when it comes to mobile use. However, the regularity of updates of that program has proven to be a concern, and there are a lot of people out there hoping Chris can reach a new watermark with the popular app before the next long wait between versions. He is a busy guy, after all.


Via Reddit Blog

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