Sony Ericsson Xperia Play now going for $100

Sony Ericsson’s PlayStation phone, the Xperia Play, isn’t getting a lot of love out in the real world. One of the most hyped and anticipated leakers in 2010, perhaps the gadget’s lackluster launch reception in May was the result of pre-release overexposure–that, or a bit of there’s-no-way-this-thing-can-live-up-to-its-considerable-hype syndrome. Whatever the case, lingering sales mean deals, and whether its veiled as a back-to-school sale or just reflects the new price tag, Verizon is now selling the Xperia Play for $100 on contract.

As I said in my Play review, the phone may not come with the most impressive spec sheet on the market, but it does have the best gaming controls on any phone. So if you’re a mobile gamer that needs that console vibe, now might be the time to snatch up a Play.

Via IntoMobile

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