Trial Xtreme: immersive motocross game

There are dozens of video games based on motocross racing. From the wonky simplicity of Excite Bike to the intricate articulations required in MX vs. ATV: Reflex, the spectrum of realism–both in terms of control and graphics–offers something for every console-owning fan of the sport. Mobile fanatics have fewer titles to choose from, of course, but the selection between iOS and Android devices is growing fast.

For mobile phones, some controls are usually relegated to accelerometer support, whether it be acceleration or balance–either left/right or front/rear. This limitation can be frustrating at times, and the sensitivity of accelerometer controls is often set too high. Trial Xtreme by Galapagos ($1.99) gets the controls right: not only by nailing the sensitivity of accelerometer control, but by allowing button use as an alternative.

Trial Xtreme employs a trials bike, a slimmed-down, light-weight motorcycle used for rock climbing, freestyle, and a number of off-road activities that value agility over speed. The result is an avatar than can spin very easily in the air, but is also light enough for maneuverability. Though control is simple, gameplay is challenging, and it’s a lot of fun.

Trials Xtreme contains 60 levels that include street and dirt tracks filled with earth and wooden ramps, among other obstacles. There are moments of rocking and leaning while you try to get over some awkward chunk of the course, but there are also long straight-aways that lead to giant doubles and triples for those speed and air rush moments. And when you’re flying over the track, the scenery in the background is impressive to behold.

The game also works with OpenFeint, so your scores can be compared with your friends’ and with the world at large. Definitely worth the $1.99, but there is a demo available for the tire kickers. Trial Xtreme requires Android 2.1 or higher.

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