Upscaling of phone-sized apps coming to honeycomb

Currently, Android applications that have not specifically been redesigned for tablet use are stretched out in Honeycomb, often presenting an awkward imitation of the original program’s UI. But in a soon-to-be-released update, Honeycomb will change the way it handles these old phone apps–instead of stretching and compromising the UI, leaving loads of empty space, Android will simulate a window at 320 X 480 and scale it up to full screen. This will degrade the quality of graphics, but ensure a uniform layout for applications that haven’t made the leap to full. Android 3.0 compatibility.

The zoom/stretch setting is user selectable, and can be toggled via the settings panel seen above.

The Android Developer’s Blog gives us a comparison between stretch vs. zoom via the following graphic:

Maps may not be the perfect demonstration tool, as there is always more content to display in a given window. But, when you consider apps that have much less content hiding behind the borders, the difference between the modes will be much more significant for tablet users. No more empty space on big screens.

Via Android Developer’s Blog

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