4G LTE-upgraded Motorola XOOM caught on camera

About a week ago, if not a bit longer, there was reportedly an email sent out to select Verizon Wireless employees who owned a Motorola XOOM. The email was supposedly an invitation to send that XOOM in to Motorola and get it upgraded to Verizon’s 4G LTE network. We’ve been hearing a few reports that a few of those XOOMs have made it way back to their respective owners, and now we have photographic proof of this actually happening.

Our anonymous source says that they were chosen to send their device in, and after they did, it only took Motorola a day to finish the upgrade and send the device back. That’s pretty impressive, and it will be interesting to see if Motorola can keep up the same turn-around service for the general public, when the upgrade process actually gets under way. Unfortunately, the tipster informed us that they don’t live in a 4G LTE covered area, so getting a shot of download speeds (as we’ve seen in other locations) wasn’t going to happen. But we do have the collected images above and below, so take a gander. And if you’ve got yourself a XOOM, you should be getting excited for your 4G upgrade.

Thanks, anonymous

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