Android reportedly running on an HP TouchPad thanks to Qualcomm

We’ll probably have to chalk this up to some very unique timing, but it looks like an HP TouchPad already has Android up and running on it. The build is a Froyo build, or Android 2.2, and it seems to be launching from an initial boot-up of Ubuntu. But, the more interesting part comes from who actually made it happen. While a development community would have probably been the logical conclusion for most, it would seem that this TouchPad with Android actually came from Qualcomm.

During boot-up, we can see the QuIC logo, which stands for Qualcomm Innovation Center. And while it may leave some folks scratching their head about why this happened, Qualcomm is responsible for the processor within the TouchPad, so it would make sense that if anyone is able to get Android running on the TouchPad, it would be Qualcomm to figure it out. But, if nothing else, at least we know it’s certainly possible (with video footage, no less). Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

via Android Central

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