CyanogenMod 7 boots on HP TouchPad, but that’s about it

There’s a lot of attention on the HP TouchPad right now, probably even more than there was a week after its launch. Sure, that $99 fire sale had something to do with it, but now the attention is on the Android (and probably a few members of the webOS) modding community, as they try to boot a working port of Android onto the tablet device from HP. We know there’s some money involved now, with winning sums for the teams who are able to get working versions of features on the webOS-based tablet.

But, for anyone keeping up with development, getting something like CyanogenMod 7 booting up on the device is a pretty big milestone. That looks to be exactly what has happened, but that’s about it. The touchscreen doesn’t work, and CM7 only boots. We’d like to call that an Alpha stage, but it may even be too early for that. You can see it boot up for yourself, and just be happy to know that the device will probably be running Android sometime in the future. Soon? No, probably not. Especially not for the general public. But, it looks like dual-booting is in the cards, as that’s apparently the plan from here on out, so you may be able to get your webOS and Android fun on on the same tablet.

via Rootzwiki

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