Google adds calling support for 38 more languages

Have you tried calling someone’s phone from within Gmail yet? Maybe you weren’t aware of the feature, which is accessible via the little green phone icon in the left pane chat list, amongst the camera video call and circular chat icons. Perhaps you haven’t seen one of those little phones because calling hasn’t been available for most of your friends list. Calling in Gmail has been a useful feature until now, but only for calling people inside the U.S.

Today, Google announced Gmail calling support for 38 more languages. Now you can call those in newly supported locales at a nice discount. You will need the voice and video plugin, available at, in order to participate.

Along with the new destinations–over 150–Google has dropped calling rates. Many international rates are lower than what you would pay for a landline or mobile connection. Check out Google’s calling rates page to find out how much your calls will be per minute.

The updated calling feature will be rolling out to your Gmail account in the next few days.

Via Gmail Blog

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