Google birthday Doodles for all!

Google’s ever-changing home page logo, affectionately known as the Doodle, has been adapted for many notable events through the years, beginning with a custom graphic to celebrate Burning Man in 1998. Since then over 300 custom Doodles have appeared, observing holidays; acknowledging technological, social, political, and artistic contributions to our world by various groups and individuals; and commemorating the birthdays of beloved public figures like Lucille Ball, Charlie Chaplan, and Albert Einstein.

Most of us are aware of the Doodle’s function on the giant’s search page. But did you know that Google celebrates your birthday as well? If you’ve set your birthday in your Google profile, and you log in to Google on your the big day, you will see a custom Doodle, as seen above. Clicking that Doodle will take you to your profile page, loaded with animated confetti! There’s a cupcake waiting for you. Make sure you have your date of birth set up in your Google profile.

Via PC Tricks

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