HackNMod community puts forth $1500 bounty for Android port to the HP TouchPad

It looks like the fire to get Android on the HP TouchPad has just become a bit hotter. We reported yesterday that some folks out in the wild were very interested in porting Android over to the HP TouchPad, especially after its $100 fire sale for the 16GB version of the tablet. And while many people are interested in getting their hands on that particular tablet with Android on it, the work is still undergoing, and there’s no way in telling how long it might take. But, thanks to the Android development community known as HackNMod, it may be sooner than we imagined, if people are interested in getting some cash.

The community has initiated a $1,500 movement to get Android ported over to the TouchPad. It’s broken down into several different categories, such as getting multitouch working on the tablet, a stable version of Android booting up, and getting WiFi to run flawlessly. Specifically, HackNMod is offering up $400 to the team that can get a “basic Android port” on the TouchPad. What that means, to be exact, is left up in the air, but obviously the port needs to be able to power on and be used, with stability. If a team can get WiFi to work, they’ll get $350 in their pocket; and the first team to get audio up and running will nab $300.

There’s a hook, though. That initial port of Android and the $400 bounty? That’s coming from HackNMod’s personal funds. However, the rest of the bounty is supposed to come from sponsors. That means that people who want WiFi working most will probably put money into that bounty. Or, if Audio is more important to you, then that’s where you’re sponsorship money will go. Or, you can just donate to all of them, and hope that Android gets ported over sooner, rather than later. This isn’t the first time a bounty has been offered up for one port or another onto a device, and it’s worked out in the past.

via TechCrunch

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