HTC DROID Incredible 2 in white heading to Best Buy

Best Buy has a knack for releasing devices that rock a different color scheme than the same device available anywhere else. We’ve seen other high-end devices hit the market with a white shade on the back panel, and now it looks like another device is getting the same treatment. If a leaked document can be believed, the HTC DROID Incredible 2 will be seeing the white make-up makeover as soon as August 21st.

As far as rumors go, the mill hasn’t been quiet about a white version of the Incredible 2 making its way to the market sometime in the future. And while some may have hoped that it would land in Verizon stores at some point, it looks like this white version (like all the other ones so far) will be another Best Buy exclusive, at least to start. The “in-stock” date says that the device will be ready to go on August 21st, however an actual launch date is still missing, so the device could go on sale a few days later. The price is staying the same as the original, non-white version of the Incredible 2, at $149.99. Anyone thinking of picking up the white version of the Incredible 2?

via AndroidCentral

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