HTC Droid Incredible Gingerbread update delayed due to more testing

If you have an HTC DROID Incredible, then you’ve probably been listening to all these Gingerbread update news pieces with a couple grains of salt in your possession. You’ve been waiting patiently as the update has been delivered to plenty of other devices, including handsets with the same features as your phone, and then there was that nasty rumor that the device wouldn’t get Gingerbread at all. After Verizon cleared that up, and the rain moved away from the parade, the waiting game started up again, with word that the Gingerbread update would start rolling out to Incredible owners as soon as yesterday. But, it looks like you’ll be waiting even longer, as testing as delayed the update process again.

On the official HTC DROID Incredible community forum, a Verizon employee was given the bold task of informing customers that the Gingerbread update has been delayed. Here’s what the employee had to say:

“Everyone, I apologize for the inconvenience, but the update has been delayed. Our product team is going through more testing. Once we know for sure when the update is coming, we will post more info.”

So, while the product team goes through more testing, owners have to wait. As the employee notes, the final date for the update isn’t known yet, but as soon as they do, they’ll be sure to pass along the date. There’s no telling whether or not a few Gingerbread updates were accidentally sent out yesterday, so perhaps a few lucky Incredible owners out there were able to get the final, official Gingerbread build before Verizon delayed the update. We can hope, right?

via VZW Droid Incredible forum; thanks, David!

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