HTC Sensation Special Edition to debut Beats technology

It’s been hard to wait for HTC to debut their first Beats technology-infused handset, and while we may have to wait just a bit longer to get any official announcements, it looks like the first document showcasing one of the upcoming devices has popped up on the Internet. Straight from CNET, the device in question is reportedly going to be called the Sensation Special Edition, and the new Beats technology isn’t the only improvement coming to the revamped device.

According to the document, the Sensation Special Edition will feature a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 4GB of built-in memory, and a battery that’s getting bumped up to 1,730mAh. Not a bad upgrade, to say the least, especially with the inclusion of the Beats technology. Additionally, the phone will reportedly come with Beats headphones that will feature a remote. An added bonus, for sure.

There’s no launch window information, but there is some speculation swirling around that this device may only launch in the UK. We can all start hoping that isn’t the case right about now.

via CNET

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