HTC Sense 3.5 showcases some new icons, more weather notifications

HTC seems to be moving the Sense UI updates right along, don’t they? At this point, we shouldn’t be surprised that with a new device like the HTC Bliss, even if it isn’t the next high-end flagship device from HTC, we’re reportedly getting a brand new helping of Sense along with it. The image you see above is straight from XDA China, where the site also leaked the HTC Bliss yesterday as well.

As you can see from the images, Sense 3.5 has a few subtle changes in there. Specifically, says that the new lockscreen, while similar to the one in Sense 3.0, will feature more notifications for weather, as well as more notifications in general. We can also see that there’s a new phone icon, and the applications drawer has been changed slightly. We should add here that if you’ve got an older HTC-branded device, the folks over at are saying that this new Sense 3.5 will be able to run on some of them. No specifics quite yet, but it is quite a different story from the one that HTC has said in the past, after they neglected to update previous devices with Sense 3.0 due to hardware requirements.

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