HTC suing Apple for infringing three patents

Round-and-round we go, right? The patent game is one that’s fraught with constant lawsuits and allegations, and companies will do everything they can to protect the patents that they own. Usually in the smartphone market, it’s Apple that has all the power and tenacity to start suing other companies, and Apple is even in the process of doing such a thing right now with HTC (and Samsung, and others). But, now we’ve got word that HTC is suing Apple, based on HTC’s complaint that Apple is currently infringing on three separate patents that HTC owns.

The lawsuit was filed in a United States District Court in the state of Delaware, and HTC is looking to halt sales of devices that Apple is currently importing into the States, as well as stop the sales of any infringing devices. Additionally, HTC is seeking compensatory damages and triple damages for “willful infringement.” There’s not a lot of information at the moment, it seems, but it looks like HTC is claiming they obtained the patents in question way back in 2008, and as early as 2010. It looks like HTC may be trying to up their game with the Android patent wars, especially after the proposed acquisition of Motorola Mobility by Google. Stay tuned, as this is obviously only going to get more interesting.

via Reuters

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