HTC will focus on differentiation, isn’t worried about Motorola acquisition

After the initial announcement regarding Google’s planned acquisition of Motorola, people were wondering what the next step might be. After all, Google’s open policy of Android was the first thing to get put under the microscope. Would things change with Motorola’s rise to the top in Google’s favor, or would everything stay the same? If you ask Google, everything’s staying the same, and there isn’t anything to worry about. Right after the announcement, the other manufacturers embedded in the Android market chimed in, basically all saying that they’re not worried about the purchase. To be honest, they looked like canned responses, so getting some specific clarification from the likes of HTC’s CEO Peter Chou is a welcomed sight.

Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal, Chou spoke favorably of Google’s planned purchase of Motorola Mobility. He pointed out that the purchase was more about the patents, and protecting Android and the other manufacturers that use the mobile OS from Google. He added that this is good news, and let’s face it, it is. If Google really does plan on keeping everything the same, but just use Motorola Mobility for their patent portfolio, then it looks like everything will be okay, with no real bumps in the road.

Oh, and if you were wondering about HTC going forward and making their own mobile OS, like some rumors have suggested in the past? Well, no worries there, either. HTC is going to keep focusing on Android just as they have been. So, we’ll keep seeing devices like the Amaze 4G and Vigor well into the future, which should be good news for everyone.

via The Wall Street Journal

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