Huawei Honor poses for camera, shows off impressive statistics

When you think Huawei, you don’t necessarily think about the latest and greatest in high-end Android-based devices. But that looks like it’s about to change, if this latest device with the Huawei branding is any indicator. At first glance, it may look like another popular Android device, but the differences are more than apparent. Of course, whether or not it looks like another device doesn’t matter when we start talking about the stats of the phone, which are pretty impressive.

The Huawei Honor looks ready to promote a 4-inch WVGA LCD, 1.4GHz processor under the hood, and it will be running Android 2.3 right out of the box. If that wasn’t enough, the device is said to have a 1930mAh battery, which should do quite nicely for keeping the powerful device ticking throughout the day. We’ll have to wait and see where Huawei decides to promote this device, but we can certainly hope it lands here in the States some how, some way in the near future.

via Android Community

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