Judge in the Netherlands bans sales of Samsung Galaxy S, S II and Ace due to violating Apple patent

Samsung and Apple are still waist-deep in a huge legal battle surrounding certain patents, and it doesn’t look like Samsung is catching any breaks. Not in the Netherlands, anyway. A recent ruling from a judge in the Netherlands has revealed that sales of the Samsung Galaxy S, S II and Galaxy Ace have been barred in certain European Union countries. It’s a preliminary injunction, but the news isn’t good.

Specifically, the judge ruled that these devices in particular infringed on an Apple patent, patent 2,058,868, which is a software patent that deal with how you swipe through a picture gallery. As of right now, the ban is set to kick-off on October 13th, and it will block the major Samsung Netherland subsidiaries from selling the aforementioned devices. If you’re one of those people who needs a light at the end of the tunnel kind of thing, here’s some: the same judge ruled that Samsung did not infringe on some other patents, like swiping to unlock a device, or patents pertaining to Apple product design. Additionally, it’s been said that Samsung has already said that they will be changing the software within these devices (and probably others), which should let Samsung go right on ahead selling devices in the Netherlands.

via PhoneDog

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