Motorola DROID Bionic gets set up with Verizon’s eLearning course

What’s worse than not knowing how to use that fancy new phone of yours? Having a carrier representative that doesn’t know how to use it, either. While it still happens from time to time, carriers like Verizon do their best to provide knowledgeable in-store employees, thanks to services like the eLearning course. It’s a way that reps can learn up on an incoming device. And since the DROID Bionic is coming to stores soon, representatives should probably start learning as much as they can on the latest Android-powered device from Motorola.

The newest eLearning course, featuring the DROID Bionic, has slipped its way onto the Internet. The course doesn’t actually have a lot to say on the device itself, or any interesting nuggets that we didn’t already know, but hey, at least we know it’s coming with a charger, right? If anything, now that the device has been a focus of Verizon’s eLearning course, that September 8th launch date is looking more and more accurate.

via AndroidCentral

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