Motorola DROID Bionic showcases 4G LTE speed test

Not too long ago, the Motorola DROID Bionic was seen on camera showcasing its impressive 4G LTE speeds. Actually, while the device was showing off its speed in the image, the article was talking about the device’s impressive battery life, which the person running the phone couldn’t praise enough. Unfortunately, the picture wasn’t a true-to-life representation of the speeds that the device is capable of, only because the top of the handset was cut off in the image, so we couldn’t tell if the handset was connected to WiFi or not. But, now we’ve got the whole handset in focus, and WiFi isn’t connected, making the speeds therein pretty impressive all over again.

The image was taken by Yoda Man, and posted over at the Android Forums. He’s obviously not afraid of showing of the DROID Bionic to those who want to take a look, and considering the impressive device and those quite noteworthy 4G LTE speeds, who wouldn’t want to look at this handset? Now we’re just waiting for Verizon to actually announce when we’ll all be getting the Bionic in our hands. September 8th is the latest suggested date, so will we actually get what we want? We’ll see, so stay tuned.

via Android Forums

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